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Mares and Foals
The Horses of YEGUADA LAGLORIA of Carthusian line, have a closed bit (Terry) and dappled coat. They are characterized by their homogeneity, energetic temperament, noble and gentle character, all accompanied by great beauty and baroque expression. They are horses with very good lifts and movements, easily accepting any discipline, thereby achieving a horse that is suitable for any professional or amateur rider.
Stallion of the livestock, which is characterized by his purebred, a direct descendant of father ELEGIDO XI and grandfather HABANERO XI, both of Hierro del Bocado Stud (Therry). Its main attributes include its genetic and morphological transmission to their offspring, thus achieving the homogeneity of our specimen, the main objective of a good stockbreeder.
In our livestock there are three very clear concepts in the breeding of our horses: PUREBRED, STRENGTH AND FUNCTIONALITY.

The horses, mares and foals from YEGUADA LAGLORIA, Stud graze freely in the fertile lands of the property known as "The Higueral del Hortelano", growing up in the most natural and rustic way, suffering the bad weather and enjoying the good one, being in their natural habitat. We always use traditional livestock feed, based on forage and grain, thus achieving a healthy and balanced growth of our foals.

When foals reach the age of 3 years, they are housed in the stables and at this stage we begin with the work of tame and dressage, with Jose Ignacio Selles, rider of the livestock.

Yeguas y Crias Los caballos, yeguas y potros RAZA PURA, FUERZA Y FUNCIONALIDAD
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